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All you need to know about CoMoveIT Smart

At Belgian university KU Leuven, a thorough research project resulted in scientific insights in both technical as well as clinical aspects that determined the solution that CoMoveIT Smart is today.  We have summarized these insights in a white paper. To receive a copy, contact us here.


Wheelchair advisors benefit from the credibility and comprehensive understanding of the solution’s technical and clinical aspects, allowing them to confidently recommend a solution based on robust research.  

To a large extent, the innovation of CoMoveIT lies in the use of specific high-tech pressure sensors and the smart software algorithms that process these signals.  More technical details can be found in the FAQ section.


As a wheelchair advisor you are able to offer your clients a technologically advanced solutions that contains state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms, allowing you to provide your users with a high-performance product.

The installation of CoMoveIT Smart is a relatively easy task. The headset is mounted on the seat, or the frame and foot plates are attached with strong Velcro on top of the footrest. After programming the wheelchair control, the chair is ready to drive. Further fitting is done without tools or software, simply plug and drive.


Wheelchair advisors highly appreciate this characteristic! The easy installation and straightforward maintenance contribute to a simplified and efficient support experience for both advisors and their clients.

CoMoveIT Smart itself doesn’t need programming or custom settings, not even at installation. The included pre-programmed software works automatically, and the auto-adapting part assures the system works as if it is customized.  


As wheelchair advisors, you can test and deliver the system without programming the CoMoveIT Smart. Programming the wheelchair control system (like R-Net) is an expertise you already have.  Nothing new, making CoMoveIT Smart work perfectly and ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your clients.

CoMoveIT Smart is technically compatible with almost all wheelchairs. With several signed compatibility certificates in place. More information about compatibility can be found here.  


For wheelchair advisors, the system’s versatility is nice as it allows them to address diverse client preferences and needs, facilitating a tailored recommendation that aligns with individual choices. Keep in mind, CoMoveIT Smart is not compatible with the LinX system generally used on Invacare chairs.

CoMoveIT works in full compliance with all required regulation.  Additionally, our products are built according to the ISO13485 standard. 


Wheelchair advisors love to recommend CoMoveIT Smart as it aligns with regulatory requirements and delivers a high-quality, medically certified solution for their clients.

CoMoveIT Smart functions can be broadened with extra buddy buttons, for instance when there is no foot ability, an extra buddy button might be required.  Or, to switch to a speech computer, for gaming or other assistive technology, an extra button can be desired.


Wheelchair advisors benefit from the system's adaptability, as they can confidently recommend a solution that can be customized to address unique user requirements, enhancing the overall usability of the system. A lot more about potential interfaces for assistive technology can be found in the FAQ section.

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