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I used to have a lot of difficulties that I had CP. For example, I was sad that I couldn't go on an indoor playground like other children my age. Now I have resigned myself to that and find that I do have many opportunities in my own way.

Meanwhile, I also have my Levi's Corner here. This is my blog where I regularly write about my experiences, whether at CoMoveIT during my internship, at home or on adventures.


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Moving stories

Below, we show pictures, video's and quotes from people with complex movement disorders and people surrounding them. They show the effect of CoMoveIT Smart and express the resulting difference that it actually brings. If you want to test-drive yourself or witness such test as doctor, therapist, parent or supporting family, please reach out through our contact page!


Here you see the same lady testing the CoMoveIT Smart on a test chair after only 20 minutes.


She uses her right foot as gas pedal and steers left and right with her head. Although the involuntary movements are still there, you see how the smart algorithm makes smooth driving and full control possible in a very short time period.


She has a good symmetrical position in the chair, her arms are no longer waving around. Thanks to the function of her feet, she accepts the straps that keep her legs at ease as well.
Her control is very high, clearly leading to a fun experience for her.




“Very satisfied to be able to move independently”,

Frederik's testimonial after a few weeks using his CoMoveIT Smart.


"My MS makes it difficult for me to use my hands and operate the joystick of my wheelchair.


On 4 October 2022, the Belgian company VIGO equipped my electric wheelchair with CoMoveIT Smart. I now have a pedal that allows me to drive forward or backward with my right foot. To drive forward, I just have to press with my foot. To drive backwards, I press my head on the pressure pad behind my head and simultaneously press the pedal with my foot. The wheelchair stops as soon as I stop pressing with my foot. To the right and left of my head there is also a pressure pad, which I use to turn.


At the back of the wheelchair, there is a joystick with which the attendant can steer, if necessary. To operate the display menu, I can press the pad behind my head a little longer without operating the right pedal. By pressing again, I can select the next option on the display. This way, I can turn my TV on and off. I can also control the lights, the direction indicators, the horn and the acceleration of my wheelchair with this."

"Currently, I am practicing under supervision for an hour every day and every day I am improving. For now, driving through a doorway is still a bit more difficult than in a wide corridor. It is especially important that my foot is in the right place on the pedal to operate it smoothly. For now, I still have to concentrate well to control the steering, but with practice I will be able to more intuitively. In any case, I am very satisfied to be able to move independently again."



All you need to know about CoMoveIT Smart

At Belgian university KU Leuven, a thorough research project resulted in scientific insights in both technical as well as clinical aspects that determined the solution that CoMoveIT Smart is today.  We have summarized these insights in a white paper. To receive a copy, contact us here..  

As a user, specifically you want to be sure to get a clinically sound solution that addresses your needs effectively.  The scientific underpinning ensures a high level of reliability, safety and therapeutic benefits.

CoMoveIT Smart is technically compatible with almost all wheelchairs. With several signed compatibility certificates in place. More information about compatibility can be found here.  

As a user, this ensures a wide range of choices and the ability have the system integrated seamlessly with your preferred wheelchair.

CoMoveIT Smart functions can be broadened with extra buddy buttons, for instance when there is no foot ability, an extra buddy button might be required.  Or, to switch to a speech computer, for gaming or other assistive technology, an extra button can be desired.

Users want a flexible solution that can be tailored to their specific needs, accommodating various assistive technologies and preferences for additional control options.

The installation of CoMoveIT Smart is a relatively easy task. The headset is mounted on the seat, or the frame and foot plates are attached with strong Velcro on top of the footrest. After programming the wheelchair control, the chair is ready to drive. Further fitting is done without tools or software, simply plug and drive.

For users, a topic you don’t want to, and now don’t have to worry about. You just want a quick and convenient setup that doesn’t require too much from you.

CoMoveIT Smart itself doesn’t need programming or custom settings, not even at installation. The included pre-programmed software works automatically, and the auto-adapting part assures the system works as if it is customized.  

For users, this eliminates the need for complex setup or customization, allowing them to start using the system immediately without any technical barriers.

To a large extent, the innovation of CoMoveIT lies in the use of specific high-tech pressure sensors and the smart software algorithms that process these signals.  More technical details can be found in the FAQ section.

You will appreciate the intuitive and responsive steering that provides a smooth and enjoyable driving experience, even without understanding the high-tech specifics that make this possible.

CoMoveIT works in full compliance with all required regulation.  Additionally, our products are built according to the ISO13485 standard. 

Users appreciate that CoMoveIT Smart complies and surpasses safety and quality standards which gives confidence about reliability and performance of their steering system.






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