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Why head or head-foot control?

Head control is a basal control, ingrained from infancy and retained throughout life. This avoids fine motor control, which directly influences tension, causing pathological patterns, heightened spasticity, and dystonia—common pain triggers. Over time, these factors could potentially contribute to increased discomfort and even bodily deformation.  Furthermore, head control brings the benefit of symmetry in wheelchair positioning.

For which pathologies?



The CoMoveIT Academy provides you step-by-step insights and knowledge

The "Roadshow" in less than 90 min
CoMoveIT provides a complete series of introduction webinars, in English. You can watch these webinars just to get a bit more background. Or, with this, you can prepare yourself towards the full-fledged CoMoveIT Academy for which the roadshow content is a starting point.
CoMoveIT Roadshow – Introduction 
Prof. Dr. Elegast Monbaliu guides you through the underlying rationale and highlights the special features of CoMoveIT Smart. Curious how you can reach the greatest possible independent mobility? Let’s go!

CoMoveIT Roadshow - Cerebral Palsy 
CP is the most common cause of severe motor disability with a huge impact on daily life aspects. In this webinar, Prof. Elegast Monbaliu learns you more about this pathology, how to overcome the difficulties and open doors to independency! 

CoMoveIT Roadshow - Multiple Sclerosis & Spinal Cord Injury 
We all know someone with multiple sclerosis, a spinal cord injury or another adult-onset pathology. But do you know what the impact can be on a person's life? Time to learn more! 

CoMoveIT Roadshow - Technical Information
Our Business Development Manager Michiel answers these questions and more:
- How does the CoMoveIT Smart work? 
- How can I easily install a CoMoveIT Smart? 
- How can I adapt the CoMoveIT Smart to end-users? 

CoMoveIT Roadshow - Evidence-based Development
Prof. Elegast Monbaliu explains the evidence-based development of the CoMoveIT Smart, as it is the result of several years of research, combining rehabilitation sciences, mechatronics and IT sciences. Ready to learn more?
All you need to know about CoMoveIT Smart

At Belgian university KU Leuven, a thorough research project resulted in scientific insights in both technical as well as clinical aspects that determined the solution that CoMoveIT Smart is today.  We have summarized these insights in a white paper. To receive a copy, contact us here.

As a healthcare professional, you will appreciate the scientific underpinning of a solution, especially on the clinical side. Using special sensors that allow low force, and an adaptive real-time algorithm within head(-foot) configurations leads to relaxed driving with therapeutic effects.  It is all about applying the right technology to address a pathology in a clinically sound manner. 


The installation of CoMoveIT Smart is a relatively easy task. The headset is mounted on the seat, or the frame and foot plates are attached with strong Velcro on top of the footrest. After programming the wheelchair control, the chair is ready to drive. Further fitting is done without tools or software, simply plug and drive.

As a healthcare professional, sometimes you want to optimize the positioning for the patient.  This can be done without tools and besides some regular cleaning with a tissue, there is no maintenance to be done to the system. Plug-and-drive!


CoMoveIT Smart is technically compatible with almost all wheelchairs, with several signed compatibility certificates in place. More information about compatibility can be found here.  

If your patient prefers a certain wheelchair brand or if you identify the need for a specific functionality, CoMoveIT can help you to fulfill those requirements. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to us here.


To a large extent, the innovation of CoMoveIT lies in the use of specific high-tech pressure sensors and the smart software algorithms that process these signals.  More technical details can be found in the FAQ section.

Healthcare professionals don’t have to worry about all technical complexity that is hidden behind a simple, easy to use and effective application.

CoMoveIT Smart functions can be broadened with extra buddy buttons, for instance when there is no foot ability, an extra buddy button might be required.  Or, to switch to a speech computer, for gaming or other assistive technology, an extra button can be desired.

Healthcare professionals want the flexibility to offer patients more functions, if this is desired or possible. A lot more about potential interfaces for assistive technology can be found in the FAQ section.


CoMoveIT Smart itself doesn’t need programming or custom settings, not even at installation. The included pre-programmed software works automatically, and the auto-adapting part assures the system works as if it is customized.  

No need to learn new software, no need to even call for service to reprogram the steering for whatever reason. 

As a healthcare professional you can 100% concentrate on the therapy of your patient. 


CoMoveIT works in full compliance with all required regulation.  Additionally, our products are built according to the ISO13485 standard. 

As a professional, you obviously want to work with professional partners and compliant products.






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