Iron Levi: Fortnite!
15/01/2024. Bruges.

Hello, here is IronLevi.

Today I will tell you how I play Fortnite with a head control. Since August, me and my dad took a look at whether I couldn't take over a few functions. We already had an Xbox Adaptive Controller so that was already easy. Then we were looking for solutions to link that controller to something.  

Fortunately, I have a head control so we linked it to that. Then we tried different functions. First we had the button to shoot and the button to jump. But I only jumped : ) and then I thought what if I do the reload button now. And that went better. And we won a few games. And then dad attached 2 more buttons and now I can also change weapons and change to the pickaxe. 

This was the story of how I play Fortnite with my dad's help.

Until next time.



Iron Levi: Trying out new pads



Iron Levi: Going to the store with CoMoveIT Smart!

Mar 06, 2023. Bruges.

Hello this is Iron Levi. In this blog I am going to tell you how someone with CP can go to the store.

I went to the store near the office on an internship day with the CoMoveIT Smart. First we walked 1.2km, then I drove inside and the fun began!

First we went to get Oreos for my sister, there was a woman who was not kind enough to grabbing that and putting it on my lap. Then we went for Bambix (that's my milk) and I asked an employee to grab that and put it on my lap and he was so kind to do so. Then I bought something for my colleagues: waffles! Then I looked for bread, the attendant had to grab the back one for the date. At the checkout I asked a woman to put my items on the belt and she was willing to do that. Paying at the checkout wasn't that smooth because the clerk had to take my card out of my breast pocket but because she didn't understand very well, the attendant had to take it out and pay.

I liked it and I would like to do this more in the future. Maybe even a shopping center!

See you soon!
Iron Levi


Tuesday we went to the centre again but in a different part of town. Wednesday we stayed in the mall which was very nice and in the evening we had dinner at the hotel. Thursday we went to the city again and left around evening.
Despite the fact that I really like having this opportunity, I regret that I can't drive by myself in a shop and I am always pushed by my parents or sister. I think driving by myself would be more fun because I can choose where then I stand. And when someone is driving it's like my hands are steady.

Since a few weeks, I have been driving with the CoMoveIT Smart which makes me much calmer in my wheelchair. With this new system, I would be able to go shopping independently (if the doors are wide enough) and explore the city.

My dream is to one day do a big trip with the CoMoveIT Smart. I would like to go Spanish coast once for 6 weeks. I think this should definitely be possible with this new innovative system.

See you soon!


Iron Levi





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